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welcome to Jake's retsruant breakfast:french toast eggs, pancakes, omlete, beggin strips(bacon), oranges(goes with breakfast) (if theres anything else im missng let me know) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sandwitches(lunch):subway,grilled cheeze,hamburger(simaliar to a sandwitch!),let me know if im missing anything) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ dinner:steak(any meat u want) pasta(any kind) rice potatos(baked,or mashed?) (let me know cause yeah!) corn on the cob for me!(boomer) spagetti lasanga(whatever) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ dessert:cake(ur choice) brownies my homemade cookies(kifa's favorite i know! bol) ice cream banana bread cheescake strudel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ drinks:soda juice lemonade smoothie root beer wine(dog safe) slushie water pupsi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ new specials: kifa ice cream cake vinnie fudge sundae willie sandwitches snowie snowcones STARberry delite maggie pie sunny sundae!:for my gorgeus wife! boomer breadsticks(named after a real cool birdie) bella jellybeans(named after a real SWEET dog ;) ), baby cake! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ snacks:jumbones pizza bones dog chips cookies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Free snack of the day: bird seeds for boomer! and cookies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ please put: your order,if you want to join,complements,or about how you like the music and my restruant!! if you dont want to be nice dont say anything at all: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ heres our new guests Aly and AJ! they'll play 'do you believe in magic' for us,

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im here daisy!
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
18 Sep 09, 06 04:10PM
our specials:
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
1 Aug 22, 06 12:59AM
howdy y'all!
Posted by Baby
0 Aug 22, 06 12:56AM
Dinner Date(well not a actual date)
Posted by
1 Aug 22, 06 12:56AM
geeze this place is dead!
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
1 Aug 21, 06 06:56PM
ok were open for business and you dont gotta
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
7 Jul 28, 06 09:19PM
ok heres our list:
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
1 Jul 24, 06 03:42PM
finally your on!
Posted by
0 Jul 24, 06 03:38PM
hi star..
Posted by
1 Jul 23, 06 09:49PM
weve cleaned out everything
Posted by
0 Jul 23, 06 09:43PM
Posted by
1 Jul 20, 06 07:43PM
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
0 Jul 19, 06 12:20PM
gotta go eat k?
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
0 Jul 19, 06 11:39AM
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
1 Jul 19, 06 10:30AM
got back from the groomers yesterday!
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
1 Jul 15, 06 08:54PM
welcome boomer buddy!
Posted by
1 Jul 02, 06 06:52PM
Posted by
1 Jun 11, 06 11:08AM
willie is....
Posted by
0 May 27, 06 08:10AM
Posted by
0 May 26, 06 08:49PM
so Brandi...
Posted by
1 May 21, 06 10:58AM
for willie!
Posted by
1 May 21, 06 10:32AM
sooo..ummm ladies?
Posted by Max
1 May 21, 06 09:51AM
so Kifa..
Posted by
1 May 20, 06 10:47PM
goodnight willie!
Posted by
1 May 20, 06 10:39PM
gotta go now!
Posted by
0 May 20, 06 10:38PM
oh there all so cute!
Posted by
1 May 20, 06 09:29PM
meet Isaac
Posted by
1 May 20, 06 09:25PM
Posted by
1 May 20, 06 08:58PM
Posted by
1 May 20, 06 08:36PM
order up!?
Posted by
1 May 20, 06 11:11AM
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